Monday, January 11, 2010

4. To complete the drain referred to in point 3, Mexico, through the Commission and at the expense of the United States, shall construct, operate and maintain an extension of the concrete-lined bypass drain from the Arizona-Sonora international boundary to the Santa Clara Slough of a capacity of 353 cubic feet (10 cubic meters) per second. Mexico shall permit the United States to discharge through this drain to the Santa Clara Slough all or a portion of the Wellton-Mohawk drainage waters, the volumes of brine from such desalting operations in the United States as are carried out to implement the Resolution of this Minute, and any other volumes of brine which Mexico may agree to accept. It is understood that no radioactive material or nuclear wastes shall be discharged through this drain, and that the United States shall acquire no right to navigation, servitude or easement by reason of the existence of the drain, nor other legal rights, except as expressly provided in this point. (Article 4 of Minute 242 of the International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, August 30, 1973.)